Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm baaaaack

I thought I would give you stories in pieces because there is too much to tell, all at once. Anyway, I get to do anything I want on here.

Today I am way jet-lagged. And hungry. I'm not sure what to eat anymore and that's a shame because I l0o0ve food (hey, I like the way that looks). But India and Nepal fry everything. If it isn't fried, the microorganisms that will kill you or make you have very unpleasant symptoms will NOT BE DEAD. So-samosas are really good a few times but then after a while your gall bladder starts to hurt. I could hear it saying in a little sad voice---help me, I'm drowning in grease in here---. Then there is milk tea and I'm sorry, but there just shouldn't be oil circles floating in my tea. It's wrong. And I know the whole world eats white rice but, well, I'm done with it. I broke up with it, no more for me. Food snob that I am.

The Aussies 'go for a wee'-translation, to pee. Candy is lollies. And their marriages break down, not up. Also, they 'bonk', not the other word. I will tell you how I know all this later.

I was told not to eat fresh vegetables but I did. And I survived. I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to break up the samosa/while rice thing.

Oh, I am a total vegetarian now, even a vegan. Believe me, headless goats will put you right off the flesh option. I actually made a chutney/curry dinner last night and wondered what had happened to me. What was I doing anyway? But no animals were munched on, well, maybe a few microbes. *sigh*

I am so glad to be home. It's cold here. Just delicious.

PS. I am madly in love with J. Madly.


Marti said...

Hi, so glad you are back and had a lovely time. sleep, sleep, sleep, and eat broccoli.

beth coyote said...

and kale and spinach and lettuce and cucumbers.

GoGo said...

welcome back. Just finished catching up with you. :). yay!