Sunday, September 09, 2007

How to Impress People

I went to the Cranky reading at Hugo House last Thursday. I paid my money (three bucks) and told the lady I hated Cranky. She asked why and I said cuz they rejected some poems and she said, "Hi, I'm Cranky, I'm Amber and I don't remember your work, who are you, etc??" Then she gave me her Cranky pin. Gawd, nice going. Well, when I submit next time, she'll remember me.

Catherine Wing read some great stuff, very clever and sad. Well attended too, for a Thursday night. Zachary Schomberg, wunderkind with a book, "The Man Suit" was a stand up comic, droll and loose.

My tomato plant has gone nuclear, really this time. It is crossing the lawn and heading for the cars. I think it wants to get to the bar down the street. It has no time for tomatoes, the fruit or vegetable or whatever.

My daughter, grandson and I are going to the Fair on Tuesday. Cotton candy and funnel cake, and oh yeah, deep fried Twinkies. Only in America.

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