Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yesterday, Maya, Milo and I went to the Puyallup Fair. Whoa. It happened to be Senior Tuesday so there was plenty of parking and a lot of old people riding around in trolleys and wheelchairs. Milo (age 4+) wasn't having the crafts and giant pumpkins. He wanted junk food and the rides. I went on one ride with him, a roller coaster and it was fine. I didn't lose my lunch. We did have curly fries and we all wondered how they make them curly. Milo had a swirly lollipop that made his tongue black. There was a 'petting zoo' with a bunch of terrified animals, especially the sheep who stood panting and looking blankly around. The horse barn was full of teenage girls sitting next to their lovely horses, what a fantasy.

When I got home there was a rejection from Paris Review, yeah! Why is it that rejection slips are literally that? What, we don't rate a whole piece of paper? They are conserving resources?

Mimi Allen and many other conceptual artists are having an event at the Aurora Motel, being torn down this Friday, the 15th. I'll be on the Oregon Coast with Maya.

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