Friday, June 24, 2022

 Today at the pool, a young pregnant woman asked how I was. I replied that it wasn't my best day. She teared up and said she was worried about her daughter who will be born in September. I cried with her as she said, "And I'm gay".

I worry about my trans friends and my queer friends. And all the women who will have to carry unwanted pregnancies or who will attempt to miscarry and hurt or kill themselves. I worry about the poor and marginalized. 

Dangerous times. United States we are not.

We are not. 


am said...

Not the best day, with repercussions for each day to follow this one. Strength and vulnerability. Vulnerability and strength.

Ms. Moon said...

No. We are not. Nor are we anywhere near being the land of liberty.

Elizabeth said...

Well, your brief words say all of it.