Tuesday, December 28, 2021

 We have 6? 7? inches of snow here. Yes we do. And freezing temperatures. On Friday I had a sore throat and so I went on the hunt for a covid test. Ha! You try it, the day before xmas. I went from one site to another, to no avail. I finally found a test (for $250!!) by the airport. All the other cars in the parking lot were Mercedes and Teslas. And me in the Honda. 

Now I just have a wicked cold but no covid. Kenny is positive for covid but he's holding up. We check in each morning. I went to the store yesterday bundled up to the eyes because I was out of everything and a couple was standing outside the store laden with bags. They asked if I'd lend them my phone as Uber wasn't picking up. I declined then thought what the heck and asked where they needed to go. Not far away at all. So I drove them home to their kids. They gave me a twenty which I refused but they insisted. Insisted. 

I've lost touch with reality, honestly. I'm all snotty and fuzzy-headed. I let the dog out and he tracks snow through the entire house. I'm trying to work but it seems impossible. I've canceled Teen Feed for this Friday. Too many cancellations and covid is raging and it's 23 degrees here. No one should be driving anywhere. The TF staff was very gracious. We're on again for April. Kellie already bought 3 hams and she thinks she'll just drop them off at the church. I can't even think about kids outside in this weather. It's criminal. Unconscionable. While I sit here in my warm house. 

The hummingbird feeders froze and one broke in two. I bring them in at night so they can thaw out and then hang them out again in the morning. I'm gonna spread more bird seed outside for the chickadees and juncos and crows. Heck, whoever needs some food. 

It's supposed to snow again on Thursday. By then I will be well enough to get my skis out so I can tour the neighborhood. 

I might be losing my mind a little bit. Hopefully only the parts I no longer need. 


Linda Sue said...

I am right there with you! No cold but on the verge, so I sleep it off. Our hummingbird feeder has a warmer under it, A little light bulb that does the job. Bring it is at night and only fill it to about the 1/5 mark. Not sure where the homeless are going...surely not staying out in this!

Ms. Moon said...

And here we are, plants that are supposed to be in their winter rest thrusting forth with leaves and probably tiny blossom buds. I probably should not say this but I long for a good, hard freeze and days of bundling inside.
How do the people who live rough manage? I think of the Mormon church and their billions. Trillions? They could use that to ease the pain and suffering of humanity and yet, they build malls and buy up Florida.
Meanwhile, dear Beth, we do what we can and are grateful as motherfucking hell for our warm homes, our stoves with good things cooking.
Please get well soon. The world needs you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, I wish I lived nearby so that I could come tend to you! Then again, I wish YOU lived nearby to me so that we only needed to slosh through a bit of rain to visit one another and mostly sunshine! Dear Beth. I feel like I'm losing my mind as well.