Monday, July 12, 2021

 This is Maya, my beautiful angelic older daughter. She has a reservoir of calm and peace and equanimity that helps all in her orbit. I have loved her before she was born. When I think of her, I remember my hand on my belly as she rolled around inside me. How mysterious that was. How magical. Because the hospital back then whisked babies away from mothers, I didn't hold her for 10 hours. And I didn't see her naked until we got home. When we did, I undressed her completely and laid her body against mine. I had to own her, smell her, feel her. Like the mare licking her newborn foal, I had to be an animal and declare, "This is mine, I made this, I own this." And I did. I made the heart vow to protect her and care for her. Forever. 

She moves with grace and beauty in this world. 


Radish King said...

Dear Coyote, I honestly thought this was you. ❤️

am said...

Loved and loving. That's for sure.

Ms. Moon said...

I wonder why in the world it became the norm for hospitals to separate mamas and babies. That was the main reason I started out wanting home birth- I could not bear the idea that anyone but me would be holding or tending to my child. My baby. It was so unnatural, so cruel to take those babies and put them in plastic boxes under lights.
Mothers knew that. We knew.
Your daughter is beautiful.

Sabine said...

Beautiful women.

Daughters are a gift.

37paddington said...

This is a mother's prayer. Amen.