Monday, May 06, 2019

I know you are wondering what is going on here. The family is burning the cord to seal it, twisting and burning. The baby is on the momma under the pan. Quite effective. I saw it the next day.

Then there's the family with a goat who sleeps on a dog bed in their room.

I tell you. As long as I live, I will not have seen everything as in: "I've seen everything..."

Enjoy the day. It is beautiful here. I attacked the laurel and whacked it WAY back. It likes that treatment. It is plotting to come back even stronger than before. I can hear the leaves and trunks whispering even from here.

If you are wondering what exactly the cauliflower pizza crust from TJs tastes like, I will tell you. It tastes like a soggy saltine cracker mash which has been formed into a pancake and after it's cooked, the edges are slightly crispy. A delivery method for sauce, fake sausage and cheese. Not an incomparable NY style thin crust made of WHEAT. Nope. There are some things that just can't be substituted.

If you  haven't watched the Netflix Knock Down The House, please help yourself. Four women, running for Congress, including the sparkling AOC. All of them deserved to win, only one did. But bless them for trying and for showing us what courage and vulnerability looks like.

To facilitate a Alateen meeting tonight. Another group of awesome people.


Lisa said...

California Pizza Kitchen's cauliflower crust pizza and Caulipower Pizza both have really good pizza. But don't try Green Giant's. It's pretty much like Trader Joe's. As far as the pet goat, I hope they never try to pass it off as an emotional support animal. That's all I can say.

Ms. Moon said...

So what's the deal with the cord burning? Seems to me that they're making a big deal out of something that should be pretty easy. What do I know? I'll never have "seen everything now" and the older I get, the less I know.
I have a friend whose parents bring their goats in to sleep at night. The goats are house trained. They ring a bell if they need to go out.
It's beautiful here this morning. Cool and clear and as green as it can possibly be.
I saw a preview for that Netflix documentary. It made me cry. But lately, so does everything.

am said...

A beautiful and mysterious photograph. Welcome to the newborn! This has been a lovely spring. The wildflower seeds I planted in pots on my porch are coming up. The gift of courage to change the things we can.

Elizabeth said...

You are BUSY!