Friday, May 25, 2018

This morning despair has flowered. Thinking about a baby who died 9 months ago and her sorrowing parents. The biosphere, o, our beautiful planet. I had to turn off the news when it was announced that permits for killing wild animals in Alaska would be sold...bears, wolves, other predators. Hunters allowed to use dogs and bait, allowed to kill mothers and their young.


Reading Joanna Macy's book, " World and Lover, World as Self". She devoted a chapter to despair and the uses of despair as an incentive to become active. The hope of hopelessness.

What is it that I am doing to be part of the conversation? This weekend I begin another class on racism for white allies. I may be alone in the room but I will show up to tell my stories and give insights that may land for others. Sleeping through these times is not an option. Avoiding the conversation won't work. If we are interdependent, then every loss is universal, every life, no matter how small or insignificant. It feels like a collective dying off.

The park near my house, with a few old growth trees and bald eagles, has had a fern die-off. A large area brown and wilted. Scientists with their clip boards roam around in overalls, taking notes. Salal and skunk cabbage are ok but ferns, oldest plants on the planet, are taking their leave.

What have each of us done today to counter this planetary suffering?

Metta, karuna, muditta, upekka.


Ms. Moon said...

I have to admit I have done nothing today to counter planetary destruction. But I have noticed and paid attention to the green of my yard and try very hard to always take note, to be grateful for each breath of air which has been provided for me, each of drop of water, each morsel of food and be conscious of where they all come from.

Sabine said...

We are the planet's suffering. Humans. Human ego.

Mostly now, I just feel, I can do nothing. But being hopeless and careless and abusive is not going to get me anywhere.

So I crawl out of my hiding place and watch the ants on the patio stones and listen to the birds and try to stay still.

That's one thing, but realistically, we need to stop flying, driving fat cars, eating water thirsty avocados, drinking coffee from "paper" cups, wraping every fart in plastic packaging, you know, the whole shitload and more. It's not as if there isn't a manual out yet. It's been out for ages. We just refuse to read it.

37paddington said...

The uses of despair. The hope of hopelessness. Thank you for this. Your post inspires me to keep swimming, to not tread water or worse, sink below the waves. White allies are so important. Thank you for understanding that, too.

Elizabeth said...

You teach us so much and give us hope and galvanize us in your way, even here, on this small powerful blog.

37paddington said...

The uses of despair. That phrase alone leads me to despair less. How powerful, to harness the usefulness of it. Thank you.