Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Sitting at the birth center waitin' on a baby. Seems like every week when I'm on call, someone goes into labor. That's ok, I am a midwife after all.

The weather here has decided to get warm and sunny. The poor vegetable garden is pathetic. I planted greens and it was so cold they all bolted because they thought it was fall and they better hurry up and make some babies. So, I'll start again with starts. The peas are invincible however but when I think about last year's garden bursting with everything I planted and this year's sad wee plants..I actually watered today because it got hot enough.

I cleaned out my garage today and while that's not much of an accomplishment in the mess of the world, I feel good about cleaning up my little patch. And besides, my friend Casey keeps reminding me that she would be delighted to live in a tiny house next to my house and the garage would be just perfect for a tiny house re-do. Gawd. That's all I need, another remodel.

I put various useable thangs out in the parking strip and don't you know, they are mostly gone by the time I left for the birth. A box of odds and ends, light fixtures, hinges, nails and screws. Picture frames, a big umbrella. It's the free stuff that people give away. Someone can use it. Better than sending it all to the dump.

In another month, I will no longer be the owner of the clinic. I'll get a whopping check, pay down my debts, invest the rest and life will go on as before. We are easing a new midwife into the practice. She is another naturopathic midwife and a great woman. She has been unfailingly steady and helpful, filling in here and there, whatever is needed. And she's organized, something the rest of us lack. She'll be coming to this birth later on to birth assist, help clean up, whatever we need her to do. She's been seeing babies in the peds clinic which is growing exponentially.

I'm so happy to be leaving the clinic to Sara, my spiritual daughter. It is thriving and healthy and we have such a good time working together. I am hanging on, I really don't want to leave...

But if I'm gonna become a dharma teacher or something like that, I need to devote myself to study and contemplation. I have plenty to draw from, my life as a baby catcher. So many lessons and stories, funny, sad, terrible and wonderful. I want to be of service as along as I still have my marbles.

Good night dear ones. There are the night workers like us, while the rest of the world is asleep, waiting for some to die, some to be born. The endless wheel.


am said...

Grateful to have met you through Sabine's blog at this turning point in your life of creative service, as you transition from midwife to the possibility of being a dharma teacher. Having moved from Northern California to Northwest Washington in 1974, I'm still astounded at how much daylight there is this far north during this time of year. I wake up at 4 a.m., partly because I like to be able to see the stars when there isn't a cloud cover. The birds are waking up earlier and earlier. Good morning. Kind wishes always.

Ms. Moon said...

May that wee one be born and happily nursing by now. The planet is the richer, Beth, simply by your being here.

37paddington said...

I always feel a sense of holiness when I read here. The work you do is holy and you embrace that. And now you will catch humanity in a different way. Still holy.

Sabine said...

This is your path and I am looking so much forward to see where it leads you.
From helping babies arrive into this world to teaching the dharma, the next step.

Elizabeth said...

I feel a sense of holiness when I read here, too. Life is flowing. Onward.

beth coyote said...

My dear ones. I just recorded myself doing a guided meditation on wise speech vis a vis white privilege. Ha! A bit tricky but I think I pulled it off.

Thanks all for visiting here.

Kathryn said...

Wow, Beth. Your words and wisdom remind me so much of the midwifery stories of Jennifer Worth - her wonderful books were utilized to create Call the Midwife on BBC. I love that show and I loved reading her books.

Ever thought of telling the tales of your midwife years? They would be fantastic and I would read them all.

Kindly, Kathryn