Saturday, July 02, 2016

Yesterday I made an entire blueberry pie for a friend and she took one piece home because we planned to eat pie after dinner but the restaurant where we ate gave us free dessert. All because one of the waitstaff was a mom we delivered. And she had to give us free dessert. Anyhoo.

So I'm stuck with an enormous almost whole pie. So just now because Kenny mowed my parking strip, he got a piece. And my next door neighbors Carol and Richard got two pieces. Carol asked me why and I told her because I love her. She admitted that as soon as I was gone from her yard, she would be eating both pieces because, after all, what Richard doesn't know won't hurt him.

I've had a piece for lunch and so there is much less pie. Holly and I are hiking tomorrow and I'm sure she'd like a piece.

So there you have it. Pie all around. If Cliff were home across the street, he'd get some. Well, too bad for him.

I visited the latest baby this morning-Marcus Langston Rivers. Now that's a name to be borne high and well. Right now he's a wee boy so he'll have to grow into his honorable name. His mother is, frankly, a queen. And I told her so.


Ms. Moon said...

Are there any sweeter words than those which deal with pie and generosity and honorable wee babies and queen mothers?
I think not.
Bless. Bliss.

beth coyote said...


Jo said...

I would like pie, please. Not for the first time do I wish for a blogger food-transporter dealie.