Monday, May 30, 2016

Apple pie in the oven, salad from the garden (!) and halibut wrapped in foil for the barbecue. Waiting for the company to get here. I am on a mission to make good crust. There are recipes for crust with egg in them, WTF. I didn't do that. Flour, butter, ice cold water and my granite countertop, yeah. Butter crust smells mighty good.

The back porch is hot, very hot.

Gotta get the MIL finished. My contractor is off on another job so naturally I'm anxious about him returning and finishing before August 1st. Plus I can't go down there without hazmat and a mask. Sheesh.

Sarah Vaughan has an astounding voice, yes she does. Jesus, her phrasing. I put the ole I-tunes on genius so I'm listening to stuff I don't usually cue up. DAMN. She can hold a note and then drop you off a cliff.

The 'o' on my keyboard is stiff. There's probably crumbs, dust, a very small mouse underneath it.

Lettuce is starting to bolt, as are the collards. We had a good run, the collards and I. Time to plant more.

Anxiety my old friend. Working with 'difficulty as teacher'. Bla.

Hi sister in Florida. See you in September!!! Looking forward to it.


Ms. Moon said...

We wait until fall to replant collards. I think it might be the heat that makes them bolt. We tried a second planting of lettuce and arugula this year and it didn't even get big enough to pick before it bolted. I would have no idea how to garden where you are though. Oh, oh! That reminds me! Here's an excellent article about a gardner by an excellent writer for the Savannah News.
I really think you'd like it.
And you know what? The coolest thing my mother ever told me about herself is that when I was born she wanted to name me Sarah Vaughn. My father's name was Vaughn. But this was in 1954 and I suppose the idea didn't go over that well with the family. Still, it would have been awesome.
So...where in Florida?

Elizabeth said...

What a fun post -- except for the anxiety thing.

I love Sarah Vaughn and have lately been listening to music a lot for the first time in years.

anne said...

Oh, thanks for Sarah. Good, good. Transports me.