Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My current kitchen

 I have no idea where the cat is. Felix is in the bedroom because he would be bouncing around and barking with joy that there were several MEN in the house who could a) throw a ball or some skeechy dog toy b) give him a part of a sandwich or c) pet him and scratch behind his ears.

The main guy told me they might not be done by today. The countertops are supposed to go in tomorrow. I don't at this time care. Because there is PROGRESS, I am delighted, overjoyed, ridiculously happy as I sit in my horrible dusty living room with all my kitchen detritus around me.

As in:

There is a kitchen sink in my future. And countertops. And drawers to put things. 

I still haven't opened the GS mint cookie box. I have self control. 

1 comment:

Ms. Moon said...

Oh my goodness but it is going to be gorgeous! May it all be done soon so that peace can reign and the cat and dog can come out.