Friday, August 21, 2015


I'm dating someone who is a open water distance swimmer.

Hoo boy. I swim just fine but she left me in the dust, er, in her wake. A little dot of bathing cap way ahead of me. It's ok.

She paddle boards.

She likes me.

I like her.

There's a lot more I could say but for now.

Let's see how this goes.

(a moment of silence for Beth's tattered love life)

In other news, I have officially moved into my new expanded house. I reorganized the kitchen and there is a big bare floor in there because now the table is in the dining nook. I hung up pots and pans. I shelved jars that have been sitting out for a year. (and dusted them off). The dust is terrible but I keep at it. I moved my office into the old bedroom and now the living room is HUGE. I sprinkled plants around the house. I have two new closets and have yet to figure out what to put where.

The office shuffle is always interesting. I find photos that send me back. Pics of the kids in grade school. Friends that aren't alive any more. Stacks and stacks of poetry that I wrote. My book. My chapbook. The legal case I've been asked to testify in as an expert witness. Stuff. So much that working really interferes with my art life.

Still to set up my studio. The giant canvas I stretched has been in the garage getting dented and dusty.

When I wake, the sunrise is what I see.

I got a p-patch!!!! I went and turned over the soil in my 10X10 spot, pulled weeds and cleaned out the tool shed. The site feels a bit neglected but I'll fix that! I planted cabbage, kale, parsley and leeks. The clay soil under a thin layer of compost was so hard I threw clumps I couldn't break up against the rock wall. I so love to garden. The second time I was there, some kids were hanging at the picnic tables smoking weed and talking. So weird to walk or drive around Seattle with the smell of grass everywhere. Soon it will be commonplace.

Off to  bed. Tomorrow is a p-patch day with my new flame.  I like the way she smells. I think that's a good sign. Spicy. Faint cedar-y.


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. The fragrance of our beloveds.
Oh Beth- you have come so far in a year. So much work and patience and peeing in a yogurt container.
I dreamed of gardening last night and helping to deliver twins. Have I dipped into your life?

A said...

I had to Google p-patch. What a progressive urban concept!

Jo said...

Spicy an cedary sounds beautiful. As is open water swimming. You've found a brave one. I hope ... I hope you have fun that makes you feel good about yourself.

The house sounds great. Photos?

Elizabeth said...

Sigh. This all sounds goooooood.

Elsewhere said...

a new flame that swims... Wow!

Sabine said...

Well, no risks of drowning now.
So happy to read about the house finally turning into home and yard turning into garden. said...

Dearest Mary-Right? I know! A shower! A bathtub! Expanse of floor I can dance on and slide around on. A wee bedroom and closets to hang clothes in. Take not for granted our homes, however humble.

A-P-patch. Yup, awesome.

Jo-LOL and photos are coming.

Elizabeth-oh, it is.

Elsewhere-yeah, those water signs...

Sabine-yes o yes to all of it.