Saturday, July 04, 2015


I staggered up the hill from the light rail with about 435 pounds of luggage because, of course, I came back with more than I left with. My filthy white dog greeted me at the door but he is lying limply on the floor because it is feckin' hot in Seattle.

Apparently, animal control visited while I was away. And I found ANOTHER complaint from a 'neighbor' about my dog running in their yard ???????????? WTF??? He wasn't even HERE.  My dog person had him for three weeks. Naturally, I'm terrified they'll come and take him away.  This is the third complaint. The first time I had dog(s) so I called them and told them I have one fenced-in dog. The second time He was on the neighbor's property (?) so I stopped walking him down the street. Does someone not like me? He does bark at people who walk by but he's behind a fence, sheesh.


Anyway, I'm too tired to post any pictures but I will. I'm moving to Scotland  because it is gorgeous. Paris was, well, Paris and full of French people. London was the same, only full of English people. Some many beautiful places we visited. Hanging with my girls was fun too but man, I'm really tired right now and I think it's the middle of the night where I just was so I think I'll have a lie down and tell you more stories when I've sorted myself out (and sorted out the dog).

Dear neighbor who is complaining about Felix,

Come talk to me, ok? I'm sure we can work this out. He's harmless but loud. I have a sturdy fence. What the hell is your problem?


Beth the responsible dog owner


Elizabeth said...

Welcome back, and I'm sorry that your welcome was less than hospitable! I can't wait to hear about your trip --- I'm just up the way from you, at my three-week writing residency on Whidbey Island. It is indeed MUCH hotter than I had expected but still very, very beautiful. Rest well, dear Beth.

Radish King said...

Welcome home dear Coyote I have felt your absence so strongly.

Ms. Moon said...

I can't believe you're home! I hope you are glad to be, even if the neighbor is an ass.
Get rest.
Tell us about it.

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Welcome home!! Brownies for the neighbor.

Sabine said...

That neighbour is scared of dogs and people. Can you charm him/her into compassion?

Lisa said...

Welcome home. Back when my dog was still alive I had a weird neighbor. Her cat wandered the neighborhood, and I thought that he was homeless. I let him in during a torrential rain storm. He left shortly after the rain stopped. The neighbor accused me of stealing her cat. WTF! A year or so later she knocked on my door demanding that I control my dogs. Someone elses dogs were terrorizing the neighborhood. I showed her my elderly basset hound and told her that he was an indoor dog who only ran in my fenced back yard if you could call what he did running. The dogs she was referring to belonged to a person who'd moved in to a house on another street. A week later a officer from the sheriff's department paid me a visit. I had a summons to court because I failed to control my dogs. I went to court and then filed a restraining order against the neighbor as advised by the judge.

Call animal control and let them know that at the time the neighbor filed the complaint you were out of the country and that your dog was being cared for away from your home. You want them to know that the neighbor files false reports. Then talk to your neighbor to find out what the problem is. If they persist, file a restraining order.

Unknown said...
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