Sunday, December 07, 2014

It's 4:30 and I'm already in my jammies, about to  build a fire in the fireplace. I danced my ass off this morning and took the white dog for a long walk/run/ball chase. Now it's time to knit some more rows for a you don't know what a snood is. It's a scarf-y thing you wear on your head/neck and it is impossibly easy to make. The socks take more time.

Tis the dark season. Friends and I went to Playback Theatre last night and revealed ourselves to the improv actors. They danced/spoke/yelled etc. our stories. It alternated between being terrifying and funny, depending on their focus. There were a few children there and I wanted to throttle them. I'm not usually opposed to children per se, I do deliver them fairly often but last night they were obnoxious and hogging all the attention. Their parents tried reining them in, in vain.  The actors were gracious about it but jeez. Sometimes I do appreciate me some child-free space.

I have perfected the art of the one match fire.  I am also getting good at splitting wood for kindling. I love building a fire, almost as much as I love watching it and feeding it throughout the evening. Fires need tending. Sara and her guy brought me a bunch of apple wood, burns much more slowly than the pine from the remodel.

Speaking of the remodel. I now have a new roof and four new skylights. Hot damn.

Another week begins. Babies growing, babies being born, all in the great cycle of life.


Ms. Moon said...

Suddenly, I am completely worn out by news of cancer and deaths and probabilities and so forth. Thinking about births is far more joyful.
Fuck. I'm tired.
I need to go to the ocean.
I love you Beth.

beth coyote said...

I'll go with you, hopefully it's warm enough to swim in.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds so cozy. I just read today that it's illegal here to use wood for a fire. Sigh. You're not that far away, so may I come up and sit by the fire with you? I'll bring my knitting.