Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just sobbed my way through the third season of Call The Midwife.



Ms. Moon said...

I HAVE to catch up. And if you haven't read Life After Life, you have to.

Radish King said...

The good news is there is going to be a 4th season!!!

Agree that Life After Life is good. A summer read I think a good beach book though hefty. I breezed right through it and then found another Kate Atkinson book in the little library down the block. This will be my third book of hers. xoxo

beth coyote said...

Ok, will get it. Kate Atkinson. I am so broke but soon the house money will be here and I can buy some books! Of course my future husband Jim and the electrician will be divesting me of any and all $$$$.


Radish King said...

I got my copy at the library I mean they have it.