Saturday, December 21, 2013

It"s been 40 years since I caught my first baby!!!! Holy smokes. I was a hippie girl (natch) with no training or experience except the birth of my own child 6 months before. Sheesh. And Maya was there with me. She's about to turn 41. It is impossible to imagine that I have a 41 year old child. But I do. A few chin hairs, a few wrinkles and a dog that barfed all night and kept me up, like a baby does. Like the baby Jesus did (see above).

Solstice today. My neighbors are putting solar panels on their house because it's so sunny here. hahahahahahahahaha.

Time to get up and look for barf spots I missed in the middle of the night.


Ms. Moon said...

Nothing like this time of year to make us add up all the years behind us and go, What The FUCK! How did THAT happen?
I love you, you hippie woman, grown up from a hippie girl to do what you were obviously put here on earth today.
I thought about you last night as I danced in my living room, stretching out the places that hurt in my back and my hips, being an old hippie, being glad that we can still dance, no matter the years behind us.

Radish King said...

OH HOLY CRAP NIGHT that photo made me laugh.

Animal Gods indeed.