Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's hotter than holy Hades right now and I don't have to like it. I danced with my lovely people this morning and a bunch of us went to brunch after and acted all gay because it's pride weekend here and there were homosexuals everywhere. I met Sam's husband and I approve.

It's so hot I even drank a beer, something I usually never do.

I fear the second floor of the house. It's probably twenty thousand seventy degrees up there.

I do not like this sort of heat. I figured out that I enjoy the winter cold/damp/gloom because it fits my personality. Not this blast furnace sort of thing. There are fans in every window and tonight we went to Ross Dress For Less just to be in an airconditioned building.

But it  ain't Arizona. Those poor things.


Ms. Moon said...

Phew. I know. As hot as it gets here, it does not get hot like it does in Arizona. Of course, as they say there, that's a dry heat. Which will cook your ass even faster.
I'm glad you got to be dance and be all Pride-Full. You guys and your gay agendas. Dancing. Brunch. A BEER! For goodness sake.
Much love from Florida- stay cool. Ish.
And that picture? It's amazing.

beth coyote said...

Doesn't the picture make you a wee bit cooler?

Although I put ice cubes in my bra.

It's a look.

XXX Beth