Saturday, October 06, 2012

I picked more grapes because I'm a fool. So tomorrow, the jelly making machine rolls out again.


I climbed to the top of the arbor with a ladder and let me tell you, the grapes there were purple and delicious. No wonder the raccoons and the rats (ew) go up there.

I've seen so many squashed raccoons this year and I'm afraid to say this but, good. I hate them, they're fuckers. They kill chickens and they attack katz and they creep me out. Ok, the babies are cute but they grow up to be adults.

I'm eating an entire bunch of kale that I've toasted in the oven--kale chips. And I'm gonna sprinkle 'em with brewer' yeast and salt.

I'm so healthy, I disgust even myself.


Ellena said...

Picking grapes no fool, climbing on top of arbor????

beth coyote said...

and I didn't break my neck!