Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm still at work because I am lame. Or because I like to stay here. At home is the torn-up bathroom and the prospects of some kind of weird dinner.

I am mostly a good citizen. I recycle, I don't eat animals and I feed my cats extremely expensive food. I exercise most days and I have work that is, for the most part, non-harming. Welcoming babies into the world safely is work that has a decent reputation where I live. However, it is sometimes hard as hell and scary and exhausting. And lonely. When I get together with my midwife buddies, we talk non-stop about births that scared us. There aren't many births that fall into that category but we don't have other outlets. I mean, normal people don't want to hear about gore and such. I wouldn't.


Beloved Snail said...

I've had mixed feelings about non-hospital births for years, but I have a lot of respect for the work. It has to be a terrifying job sometimes. When things go pear-shaped, it can happen very quickly. (I had class I early onset HELLP, and have done peer support to other women with infant loss/disaster pregnancies.) It's a different side of the coin. But the same coin, I suspect.

beth coyote said...

Whoa, HELLP---yes, I have great RESPECT for birth and it's vagaries... fortunately, infrequent they are. Otherwise, I'd have done something else for a living all these years, like plumbing!