Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's effing freezing outside. No one should sleep outside (well, the raccoons have a lot of fur, and each other). I gave the Real Change guy $10. He says he has a warm place to sleep. I've seen the one legged man sleeping in a doorway but he wasn't by the Safeway today.

Hooray, the calico has a new place to live. She's going to live with my old tenant. M can't take her because they are traveling for cancer treatments. Jim met her royal highness today and after hearing her sad story, he said, "sure, she can come live with me." Tomorrow.

Calico facts:

They're always female.
They have an extra x chromosome.
They're sterile.
They speak 5 languages.
They've been known to fly small aircraft.
They have a distaste for Dickens, especially Great Expectations.
They adore Vatican II. (This last I will never understand.)


Apple said...

Holy cheese and fries, I'm a Calico.

beth coyote said...

So glad to see that you're un-waxed (de-waxed, anti-waxed?). I've seen a lot of waxed, uh, areas, but waxing the carpet, that's dedication.

Love to your mom,

Mistress Antifreeze AKA Muffin Hut

Radish King said...

well done.

beth coyote said...

RK-Calicos do like the Bronte sisters if the book is a first edition.