Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uh, this is basically what I did today. Others may mow their lawns but laziness is very important. Day dreaming too. Trashy movies like Star Trek, which I will probably see tonight. All important. 

In Buddhism, there is a hindrance called sloth and torpor. I practice both equally well.

I put a vacuum cleaner (with bags) , a lamp shade and and a scary Singer sewing machine (complete with shoe box wi accessories like buttonholers and extra bobbins) on the curb. So far, everyone is afraid of the sewing machine. O intrepid haulers-away-of curbside-junk, be not fearful. Don't make me take it to Goodwill. Take it home!! Love it!!! It's free!!

I did a birth a few days ago and across the street from the couple's house was the 'Doll House'. They warned us. The lady was going fast and we hustled over there. The lights were blazing in the 'Doll House'. The creepy guy was sitting in a chair by the window wearing big glasses. Apparently, he mows the lawn in a bikini. The dolls were LIFE-SIZE. There were several in each window, facing outward. There were dolls on all the walls inside. Like a Stephen King movie. Between pushing contractions, I mentioned the interesting neighbor to the mamma. She said, in a growl, "He's not babysitting for us!".  No doubt. Yikes, bikini dressing doll man. Like diaper man by my clinic. He wears the full regalia for Pride, complete with a bottle. On ordinary days, he just has REALLY BIG stretch pants. Very attractive. 


Apple said...

I loved Star Trek! Did you see it? :X

beth coyote said...

Honey, I did. I now have a crush on the young Spock-I think it is his latex-like face.