Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ramey, my partner, was broadsided by a hit and run driver on her way home from work. She was on her scooter. She's messed up, at Harborview with a fractured ankle needing surgery, a lacerated liver, a broken rib and two lumbar vertebrae fractures. Oh, and a lacerated elbow. What type of person hits someone with their car and then takes off??? What type of person is this??? I really want to know.

I'll save the Harborview story for another post. I'm going to have a glass of Scotch.


Laura Gamache said...

I say goddammmmmn and I say go see the Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie. OH MY GAWD you have gotten the same frightening robot comment I got. YIKES. DELELELELELETE!!!!!

GoGo said...

so sorry, hun. Hope she's getting better. Yeah, a driver hit me on my bike once and ran. Fuck!ng cowards.

keep striving, and way to be honest about how you saw your brother's death. perhaps you modeled something others were hoping to say too.

Take care. ~GoGo