Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jobs I would rather have

Libraries of obscure words. That's s where I want to work. My favorite dictionary is the Webster Second Edition, the huge one the libraries used to have on a pedestal. It even has colored plates. We have ours turned to the poisonous plants page. I bought it in a used bookstore for $75. It is a beautiful book. There are also many pages of photos of library illuminati, mostly men of course, with their spectacles and wavy hair. In a fire, I would save it, along with the dogs. The cats will have to fend for themselves.

Don't forget Taber's Medical dictionary, a thing of beauty itself. Many indexes, including a phobia index. Lovely phobias and more born every day. Comforting somehow. We can all be on someone's list.

Eden, my daughter, had a photo shoot with Yoko Ono. I have a large photo of her looking over her sunglasses at me. The woman is 72 and looks fabulous, black tights and demin skirt. I could be her valet.

Take a look at wicked alice, a gorgeous WEB site of women's poetry. Kelly's poems are there.

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