Friday, April 29, 2011

My tenant is playing music very loud. I might have to kill her. Of course you realize this is just a figure of speech.

The cats are fixing me with their cat-stare thang. Dinner is upon us and they are making sure we have a mind meld so I WON'T FORGET to feed them. Lupine, the evil one, is nursing on the afgan on the couch. If she had thumbs, she'd suck them.

I saw someone today (as I was stepping into my therapist's office) who was in a suicide survivors group with me a few years ago. We also did a Suicide Prevention Walk together, twenty miles at night. At the end of the walk, the path was lined with luminaries with photos of dead people who had 'inspired' the walkers. We held each other up for those last steps. She remembers Geoff's anniversary and always emails me. I think we could get together now for coffee. There are some tragedies we carry forever, like a burned arm.

Art shows me the way.


Valerie Loveland said...

What music are they playing?

beth coyote said...

Gawd-sounds like heavy metal.