Tuesday, May 03, 2011

While walking around my yard, I stepped in dog poop. Since my dogs are imaginary, it couldn't be them. However, Lola, the downstairs dog is an actual dog and makes poop.

Then I found a busted robin's egg with a fully formed baby robin inside, yellow beak and featherless body. Momentarily, I pondered warming up the baby, bringing it back to life with my extraordinary powers and teaching it to say my name...on the other hand, my immortal powers are better saved for getting dog poop off my boot so I buried the baby robin and her shell.

There's an eagle nesting in the tallest evergreen. She makes her chirruping song in the evening. Crows dive bomb the nest. They see their own doom.

Tomorrow, Ina May Gaskin is at the big hospital here talking to the OB/gyn residents about normal birth. An anthropological inquiry since normal birth is not something they study. They don't see normal birth, they don't understand normal birth and they think we midwives are somehow loony. Ina May is a shrewd harmless granny with an alternate worldview. We're showing up in force to watch. I want to get there early to get a front row seat. NOONE sits in the front row at Grand Rounds. Ha.

We're contemplating a chicken coop for our as yet imaginary chickens. We want to have chickens like every other neighbor in our hood. Our chickens are gonna pack some heat for the raccoons, thieving bastards.


Sabine said...

I went to see/hear Ina May Gaskins in Dublin about three weeks before the home birth of my premature baby - she wasn't a granny then and she checked my big belly and told me that the baby was already very far down.
A few weeks later we set out to hear Michel Odent but before we could hit the road my waters broke etc.
I read most of spiritual midwifery during the first ca. 150 hrs of labour.

Sabine said...

So what was she like?

beth coyote said...

She's fearless, especially when in the enemy camp. She talked about trance states women get into in labor-she showed pictures of blissed out moms in transition. The docs are too afraid to allow wild women to birth their own way.

whoa-a home birth of your premature babe! Hope everything was alright.