Saturday, April 09, 2011

I got up to see a lady about a baby which did not emerge from her body yet and so I came back home and attempted sleep which has so far been impossible because EVERYONE I've ever known has decided to come over. Shaun is on a ladder right now and Pete needed some place to put gardening tools and the mover guys were here all shiny and young, muscles bulging, to move a couch.


I'm in my green bathrobe and a t-shirt and slippers at this hour in the afternoon (my mother would call it unseemly and she'd be right) with a cough that will NEVER go away. Still waiting for the baby to emerge from the lady, maybe tonight or tomorrow. Such is the life of a midwife.

I'm gonna put on real clothes and go weed so I feel like I belong here in this neighborhood and I belong to the human beings and I'm not a bathrobe-wearing cat woman people talk about behind their hands.

I'm productive, dammit.

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