Sunday, April 24, 2011

I have been eaten by a large hairy nocturnal spider. You should see my right leg. I have 15 bites that itch like a mother. And two nights in a row. WTF?

I like spiders. I liberate them. Quit eating me already.


I spent the Easter thingamajig visiting a new baby and pulling weeds in the garden. Huge piles of weeds. I also stood over the raised bed where we planted everything WAY TO EARLY and apologized repeatedly. The kale might make it.


Ms. Moon said...

Hello, Ms. Coyote! Here I am, stopping by for a visit. We get the night-time spiders sometimes too. I have a bump on my hip that's been there for months and I think it was a spider bite. And I too, catch and release them or let them be.
You'd think they'd sense this. But no.

beth coyote said...

Hello back Ms Moon! Thanks for visiting.