Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A sunny day and bicyclists were out in force, like swarms of brightly colored insects hunched over their bellies. This makes driving beside them a challenge because they will ride abreast and tear along as fast as possible. And they have ATTITUDE, esp the guys. Ok, exclusively the guys. I must remind all bicyclists: I HAVE A LARGE MACHINE WHICH CAN CRUSH THEM FLAT. It's called a car. I wouldn't mean to crush them flat, it would just happen. I'd feel real sorry. I'd leave the country in disgrace. My life would be ruined, but, hey, their lives would be ruined too, being crushed flat and all.

So please. If you're on your $3000 bike in your fancy clothes, thinking you're the next big thing in the Gran Prix, stay out of my way. I wouldn't mean to but it might happen.

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