Friday, April 15, 2011

Even though the mover guy is coming on Sunday to move heavy guy-type things, like the full filing cabinets and couches, I'm leaving town overnight. My friend lives in the Skagit where snow geese land in the fields and right now there are rows and rows of tulips and daffodils. Her house is right on the river and I'll go up there and she'll make me dinner and I'll sit on the porch and think deep thoughts. Last year we watched a pair of baby owls on a high branch.

She lives in the damn country.

Deb and I are going to go to Chickens 101 class and learn about chicken care/culture/etc. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love having chickens because they are beautiful and NOT TOO BRIGHT. Cats are peculiar, dogs are slobby and chickens have feathers growing between their (toes?), um, claws, what do they have? See, so much to study.


Sabine said...

Bear in mind that a) chickens have quite a lot of deadly enemies and b) they can be really cluckety noisy...
Spent a couple of months once at a crazy farm commune with free-running chickens and found eggs in the weirdest places but never knew how recent these were. So I could not get myself to eat them and neither did I eat the ones that ended up in the cooking pots after plucking feathers for hours.

beth coyote said...

Thanks. We know about the (GRR) raccoons. Our neighbors have chickens. No chicken in the pot, just the eggs.

Radish King said...

My next door neighbor's have chickens and they do just fine even with raccoons coyotes and the occasional bear wandering through. And I adore their noise it is simply wonderful.

Sounds like your visit to the country will be very close to where the ex composer now lives. If you see him stick your middle finger out at him for me.