Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The lilacs are swelling on the tree but it is so cold it might snow. The cats have crowded around waiting for dinner, a daily highlight. I saw Margaret last night at a reading/mic thing I go to occasionally. People reading from notebooks and yellow pads and some coffee and the sound of the expresso machine. And the old man talking because he wants to talk about anything...horses and people who are too smart and use too many words in their poems so of course I take it personally.

With s spring like this, I seriously consider a move to Florida or Mexico or southern California. Meanwhile, the English primroses have bloomed again, faithful. yellow and purple.

This weekend I have to make middle Eastern food: humus, stuffed grape leaves, baba ganoush, felafel. I might eat it all before anyone comes over. When the weather is dreadful, make bread. Then eat it right out of the oven with butter. (or in my case, fake butter). Bread is magic.


Ms. Moon said...

I made bread tonight with leftover mashed potatoes. It was very fine.

beth coyote said...

oh yum! complete carbs. my favorite