Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tonight is the reading and I got back into bed after clattering through the kitchen, cleaning out drawers and cupboards and making a pile for Good Will. I washed the windows with vinegar. I put a huge plant on the table so I won't forget to take it to the office tomorrow. My plants become huge. Very large. They take over the room.

I think I'm supposed to live in an enormous house with 20 foot ceilings. My plants would look normal there.

Ten minutes to read is an ETERNITY.

I haven't read since Rebecca and I read at the Seattle Center, outside. We read to a few people and to the grass. And the trees. I enjoyed it. But tonight there will be several other poets and their friends and I'm unaccountably nervous.


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Ms. Moon said...

My ceilings are really high but my plants are still too big and when I have to bring them in in the winter, it's ridiculous. Jungle-like. I feel as if we should issue machetes to guests.

You will read with gusto and with grace. It will be awesome!