Friday, November 16, 2012

I read poems last night. We started incredibly late because the traffic SUCKED. I don't know what has happened to Seattle traffic. Tonight people were running red lights, cutting each other off, etc etc. No civility. I gotta go live somewhere quieter. Really.

You know, poetry readings, a mixed bag, right? Some good stuff. And dare I say this, one gay boy read FOUR poems about fisting. One poem about fisting is quite enough, but four? Ewwww. I mean, I'm an open minded kinda gal. Sexual activity is, well varied and interesting. I keep up with Savage Love pretty faithfully. But at a reading??? Fisting???? "I'm inside you with my fist..".and so my visuals start up and well, yuck.

Maybe I'm an old fuddy-duddy. I probably am. My mother said we girls should leave certain things to the imagination. Maybe I'm turning into my mother. Lord.

And besides, is this poetry? I once sat through a workshop many years ago and listened to a guy recite a poem about shitting. Honestly, I did. Gross, right?

Ok, I'm done with this topic. Deb's already in bed and I'm headed there. Tomorrow I'm tackling the giant pile of newspapers, poems and opened books on the floor. I can't take it anymore.

Here's my new rule: Certain bodily functions are off-limits as poetic subjects. Please review.

Thank you and good night.


Young at Heart said...

yeah.......1 poem would definately be enough ....if he really must!!!

Ms. Moon said...

I'm with you, baby. "Dude- we get it. You like to fist fuck. Go home now."
Would it be any more acceptable to listen to someone read four poems about explicite hetero-sex? Or lesbian sex? I just don't think so.

Pamela said...

One poem about fisting would certainly have been enough, and only if Gertrude Stein had written it and come back from the dead to read it.

I think some things should be left to the imagination, and some things should be covered in layer upon layer of WITE-OUT, and this quartet of poems qualifies as one of the latter.

Radish King said...

I just don't know what to say. I write about sex constantly but I try to um well I don't know what to say for myself because I have been taken to task for writing about sex. Mostly by people who don't have it anymore though.

What stymies is that that young men usually write odes to their penises so maybe this the fisting stuff is a bonus round. And maybe the four poems were one long poem. I would have laughed OUT LOUD though because I honor good poetry and laugh OUT LOUD when it's bad if it was indeed bad. I mean consider Jean Genet. He wrote about fisting and all kinds of other stuff but he did it beautifully. And I would never have laughed at him had I heard him read. I would have loved to hear you too.

Long Live Hugo House! (Imagining Richard Hugo spinning in his grave.)


beth coyote said...

YaH-He must

Mary darling-sex poems have to be excellent. Otherwise they are squirm-inducing. And there are some great sex poems. Our fella was not an author of one (4) of them.

Pamela-Gertrude Stein's poem about fisting!! In person-hell yes.

RK-I could hear you snorting into your wine all the way from here. 'bonus round' hahahahahahaha, And Jean Genet he wasn't. Missed you.

Ellena said...

And I thought I knew it all! Had to google fisting.

Pamela said...

I write about sex too, but I'm pretty sure it's not explicit. I am thinking of a Bill Matthews p oem that gets the sex just right. If I find it I'll post it.