Saturday, November 03, 2012

This weekend is devoted to DANCING. Last night I danced til I had to lie down on the sweat floor. In sweat. A puddle of sweat. I danced with my darlings. My dance community is so grand and lovely and I love them even though I don't always know their names.

The best song of the night was Patti Smith covering Nevermind, the Nirvana song.

 I know, I know. Hippy dancing. But the music is loud and nobody cares how you move. And I dance today and tomorrow.

Yesterday three boys from next door came and raked my leaves. They passed out a flier asking if we needed 'releaf'? They were so cute. They came with their mom. And they raked the whole yard and brought a leaf bin. All for $15. And their mom came to collect them when it started to rain.

Felix is recovering from being neutered. We're supposed to keep him quiet. Ha! We barricade the stairs so he doesn't hurtle up and down. He has more energy than a pile of puppies.

I read poetry in public on the 15th. Gawd. What shall I read? What shall I wear? I'm gonna aim for elegant and aloof. All black? A ski mask? My jellyfish costume?


Ms. Moon said...

Whatever you wear will be beautiful. I promise.

Radish King said...

More about your reading. Details please!!!

Ellena said...

Call it reaching out, or letting go or praying or DANCING - good for body and mind.

beth coyote said...

Ms M-I was mostly a sweaty mess.

RK-HugoHouse 11/15 at 7PM, representing Menacing Hedge.

My body is now at rest. Whew.