Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This morning I got one of those recorded voices telling me my signature didn't match the signature they have on file on my absentee ballot. I get one of these every year even though I try to write in my nice legible handwriting (as if I know how I signed my name before).

See, I'm gonna be one of those people who holds up the entire country from having Obama steer us for another four years and for us to have another Democrat at governor, not the stupid Republican. Until I correct my ballot.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

And I'm scared for us, for all of us.

Right now, I'm taking the dawg for a long walk to try and get the bounce out of him. My laboring momma still is laboring, poor thing. So I'm ready for her too. I have chocolate. I have Canadian friends who've offered to adopt me.

Peace out.


Ajax said...

Egad, i'm anxious too. Regarding your ballot- ¡con una chugada! I'm sure there's NO disparity in the numbers of republican voters who've been through the inquisition.

Ms. Moon said...

Bless us all. We wait for the good news.
Again- may the birth go well.

Radish King said...

Nervous too. I baking warm artichoke dip to watch the election with (the combined comforts of cheese and of whacking the crap out of vegetables) and also bringing some to werk tomorrow in case we suddenly live in the 1950s and have to pray to Joseph Smith.

beth coyote said...


Ms Moon-lordy, o lordy

RK-we don't have to pray to no J Smith, o thank you to all the goddesses of earth and sky

Radish King said...

Beth, I woke up happy, taking cheesy goodness to my sister wives (and Jesus) at werk. All is well in the world and a huge chunk of my stress slipped away. The Animal Gods came through for us.