Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tomorrow I leave for California to visit my kids. Eden has plans. While Maya is at work, Eden and Mel will escort me to museums and galleries and art and the great outdoors of the Bay area. I lived there once many eons ago and so a visit is rather like a time machine. A lot is the same, a lot is different. I was there just before AIDS decimated the population and we lived in the Castro neighborhood, the heart of gay boy city and the location for the best Halloween outdoor party ever. Much creative nakedness.

Maya is in San Rafael now and Eden is in LA but they were children there, playing in Dolores park and tromping through Golden Gate Park, surely one of the biggest and most diverse public parks in the US.

Still. I was grateful to move to Seattle. San Francisco was not a kid town. Not if you're living on minimum wages and in funky apartments. I sent them to an alternative school I had to pay for (with all my child support money) because the public schools were horrid. Seattle was so benign in the 80's, before everyone became millionaires.

Anyway. I love to visit. Eden always finds the most interesting cul-de-sacs to explore; artist house boats and warehouses, back alleys and cafes. And Maya and I will go dancing together. Milo will wake me in the morning and I can hug his sweet boy self.


Ms. Moon said...

That sounds like heaven! You have lived such an interesting life. I have too, in some small ways. Aren't we lucky?

Sabine said...

Oh lovely, have a ball.

Ajax said...

Is creative nakedness the best kind? I'd imagine so.

beth coyote said...

Yes, Ms Moon, yes.

Sabine-thank you

Ajax-nakedness with glitter and feathers, so beautiful.

Mel said...

Hope your trip is lovely. I'm beginning to get my wanderlust back. Until I actually do something, I'm enjoying living vicariously through my blog friends.