Friday, November 09, 2012

I'm on the couch in my ole nasty bathrobe with a can of coconut water and gall bladder enzymes. I tell you, I know how to have fun.

Two births, two full clinic days, a conference, peer review tomorrow and a wedding on Sunday.

I crawled into bed last night and didn't move until the alarm went off.

Now I'm watching a Norwegian (I think) detective series which I once again can't turn away from cuz I miss the subtitles. And the main character is Icelandic so he sometimes lapses in to Icelandic. And occasionally English. It's very confusing.

The lawyer guy is sleazy. Certain things don't change.

I think I would have been fine in Scandinavia. It looks cold there. And they put double dots over some of their letters. Plus they have fjords and icebergs and cod liver oil. All of which appeals to me. I'm not sure why. Maybe because they have midwives and socialized medicine.


Ms. Moon said...

How do you do it? How?

Sabine said...

So you found the eagle (that's what the series was called here). He has now real feelings, be warned.