Monday, November 19, 2012

Don't try this at home

So OK. On these very pages, I've explained the incident of the treadmill and my glorious but ill-advised attempt to do a 4 minute mile. In front of college students who IGNORED me as I lay on the floor.

This morning I had no audience but with grace and style, I smashed my head on the garage door and broke my glasses. How, you may inquire?


I have a garage door that only opens with a button inside the garage. So. If my car is in the garage (where it has been lately because my hiking boots, stainless water bottle and GPS were recently stolen), I go in the side door, hit the button, the garage door opens, I back my car out and, with the engine running, go back into the garage, hit the button again and stride purposefully to the door as it comes down and duck underneath. Got that?

So which part did I forget to do? Well, it was dark-thirty when I left the house today. I was wearing my raincoat because we are having a monsoon and (here is the critical part), I had the raincoat hood up.

If you guessed that I forgot to duck, you'd be right. I slammed right into the door with my head as it came down, whacking me in the face and (sob) breaking off the stem of my glasses. I thought my glasses were ok until I was driving away and adjusted my glasses to discover that the left stem had broken off and was in my hair.

These are my everyday I look like Penelope Cruz while wearing them glasses. I have another pair that are too heavy and hurt my ears (don't ask). I bought my glasses down the street and they are purple and I love them and they were expensive, wha, wha, wha!!! Maybe they can fix them.

Otherwise, it is very dark out and it's only 4:30. Jeez.

I'm gonna watch a Harry Potter or three. Witches and wizards love this weather. And the dark.


Ms. Moon said...

Life and its efforts can really take it out of us.
Oh honey. I hope they can fix them.

Radish King said...

I love you and your glasses and your head so sorry! Monsoon is zoology correct. Kindle typed with love and rain.

Sabine said...

Ugg. That garage door has a mean spirit. Watch out!. And take care.

Marylinn Kelly said...

My son calls these events "vortex of suckage." I guess the good part is you are not as injured as your glasses, which I hope can be restored. Few people listen to me but there are giant storms on the sun right now and if they can rearrange tectonic plates and oceans, what must they do to our frail selves. We are all made of the same stuff. Do take good care and immerse yourself in Harry's magic. xo

Angella said...

glad you're ok. hope the glasses will be too. my daughter watches or reads harry potter as therapy on gray days. now she is in college i'm going to give her a kindle with all the harry potter books preloaded and all the harry potter movies, too.

this is the first time i have commented here but i love reading your comments over at ms moon and ms radish king.