Friday, November 30, 2012

Pouring rain her in San Rafael. We lost power last night and Mel kept saying, 'Downton Abbey, we're in Downton Abbey' as we walked around with candles.

Now a quiet house. Milo is at school across the street. Maya's at work and Eden and Mel have left for LA. Eden has a catering job tomorrow night.

We drove to Point Reyes yesterday. There are a lot of small towns beyond San Rafael along the peninsula and the water. Beautiful wintery hills. We passed Spirit Rock, a retreat center where I have spent many days and months in the dharma hall,  with the horses in the lower fields. I imagined I could live in Fairfax, a hippie town-lette or Bolinas, an unincorporated town of diehards, hippies and anti-government types who have resisted wealthy Californians from swallowing and building and altering their beautiful bit of wilderness and ocean. It always comes back to working, how would i support myself. I could get a California midwifery license and hang a shingle but it takes so long to build a clientele and so forth.

I keep leaning into retirement, more time to write, paint, hike the hills with the dog. And dance, of course.

More joy. Tomorrow Maya and I will dance again. Maybe Ah will be there. Gawd.


Ms. Moon said...

And here we are in the town where we may, someday, hopefully...retire.
I met two women today who will be neighbors, if they are still where they are now when we build our house. Oh Lord. Neither one of them is going to be my friend. Trust me.
That's all right. I'll find my people.
We always do, right?
Loving you from Florida...M

beth coyote said...

Yes, you'll find your people, you shining Florida light, you.

XX Beth