Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hangin' by the fire in my jammies waiting for a call to go to a birth. The momma is WAY overdue and we have a significant pile-up right behind her. Somebody needs to get the ball rolling, as they say.

Afraid to book any more airbnb until I can get Eden to help me. We get on the phone and cruise all the listings and argue about the merits and shortcomings of each.

Edinburgh looks amazing, really amazing. We just don't have any cities in the US with an ancient castle in the middle of town. We just don't.


Ms. Moon said...

Are those babies waiting for the full moon? Oh my goodness.
No. We don't have ancient castles in the middle of our cities. More's the pity.

Jo said...

Edinburgh is amazing. I loved it.

Maybe you should get those mamas to give birth in one big space together!

Sabine said...

For travelling, have you checked out these:



I can vouch for the first, my daughter loves the second.