Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Dears-back from the ocean and the most amazing weather:

 It was sunny and clear with beautiful night skies and a full moon.

Understand. Here in the North country, we suit up for inclement weather; big boots, long underwear, full length raincoats. So a few days like these were a miracle.

I even got a speeding ticket and didn't flinch (well, a bit) but everyone needs to make a living.

I cried a bunch, because the earth was so perfect and the water so blue. I cried about dogs who don't have kind owners and for homeless people. Holly was with me and she didn't look at me funny. She left me alone and didn't ask dumb questions.

Felix ran his feet off and woke us at first light.

The place where we stayed had a pool and a hot tub which we got to use all by ourselves. We stayed in the funky cabins built in the '50's. There was a wee kitchen, a bed room for each of us and a fireplace.

The house is a bit more done. The plumber was here today and there is a new hot water heater in the basement waiting to be installed. Hoo-boy.

Holly scattered ashes of her old dog and her last kitty in the Pacific. She found a blue shovel that she brought home. Tomorrow is dancing retreat. Lynn leaves in two weeks for five weeks and my days of play will be over until she gets back.

Bring on the babies.


Ms. Moon said...

Sips of cold, deep spring-water.
Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

Your restful time away is contagious, I think.