Thursday, April 02, 2015

Well, Christina Nicole weighed in at 9# 14oz, a whopping big girl. Her brother was disappointed as he is still the only boy with (now) three sisters. A lovely daytime birth with the movie 'Frozen' running over and over for the older kids. (arghhha) I'm pretty sure I can live without that movie for the rest of my life.

Listening to David Sedaris in the car and laughing my ass off as I drive. I'm sure I look demented to other drivers but I don't care.

The dog went berserk when I came home because he's been in the house way too long.

The ladder to the loft is all glued together and clamped with big rods. It's beautiful. Jim is an artist with carpentry skills.

Eden is coming to visit and work a bit next week. I don't quite know how this slipped by me. The film festival is starting and she's bought tickets for a film a friend made (she is an LA girl). I'm not sure where she'll be sleeping but we'll figure something out. I could clear out a basement room...

I could put her in the loft if it has walls.

I am now feeling like I'm losing it a bit. As the $ trickles away and the rooms remain undone, I now understand how people can live with stud cavities. They ran out of money. And that was that.

Do chickpeas ever get soft? I've been cooking them on and off for three days and they're still like pebbles, slightly soft pebbles. I know, I know, I should have used the pressure cooker.

What a pleasure to attend births with Sara. What a smart, gentle and perceptive young midwife she is. How lucky for the ladies of the future to find their way into her care.  Yes, I tell her all this. She needs to know.


Ms. Moon said...

Glad that chubby girl made her way into the world with your care and with Sara's.
I just don't know what to say about the house and money. Just...damn.

Jo said...

I had a similar problem with split peas recently. Just ... no change. Kinda makes you want to buy them pre-packaged and cooked...

Ah, god, I'm sorry about your house stuff. When you talked about how much fixing up this house needed I felt a vague sense of foreboding. I guess we're here.

I know a LOT of people who lived with unfinished work. It is what it is, I guess. But you need a few more creature comforts before you run aground!

beth coyote said...


Elizabeth said...

That's how big my Henry was -- and he was probably the earth's happiest baby, so I wish that for your patient/client!

As for chickpeas, I thought they needed to be soaked first?

And I'm sorry about the house stuff. I hate money.