Saturday, March 14, 2015

Holly met me for dinner so I could have a cocktail. I can depend on her for a good conversation about books and movies and the dharma.

A new person might be taking the place of the resident dharma teacher in the biggest sangha in the city where I never go because I don't feel welcome.

My little group is for people of color and queers and allies so I'm right at home. However, the new teacher is a woman of color AND queer. Amazing.

This morning I'm ready to hike in the rain but instead I'll go to the gym and meet Holly at the Hothouse for a soak. We have a women's spa that is in the basement of a building on Capitol Hill. There's a hot tub, a sauna and a steam. It's very quiet.

There are four trees planted in my yard now. The rain is good for them. The styrax has tiny leaves.

I had a Tarot reading yesterday after telling a friend about my recent adventures. She whipped out her deck and I picked three cards. The first one was eyeballs, teeth and worms-and my friend said, "Oh, that's the darkest card in the deck".  Awesome. The second card was the seven of swords, all bound up with red ribbons and dripping blood-super! The last card was prosperity and goodness.

So perhaps I shouldn't leave the house for a while, I'm thinking.

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Ms. Moon said...

This is why I do not get my fortune told.
I just would rather not know.
It will be what it is. Plant trees and be grateful for the rain, keep an open heart. Walk and soak.
And so forth.