Monday, March 02, 2015

Off to the ocean for a few days. I found a cheap cabin with a kitchen (!) so we can cook and make hot chocolate. The resort has a pool and a hot tub too, yeah!!! We're not staying in the fancy condos but in the funky 'original' cabin and we can bring the dawg.

It's gonna be freezing but who cares.

I look like I'm prepared for the Great Flood. I bought my book reference material, all the dharma study group readings, a few random books, a little docking thingy for my ipod (gotta have music) and my computer. Oh and food, a toothbrush and warm clothes. My favorite tea. Socks.  Vodka, lemonade and spritzer.

For two days. I don't care. I haven't been able to have silence for months so I'm going to make the most of it. Dammit.

Had a party for the pisces. There were at least five of us in my hippy dance church group. So we had music and dancing, natch, and a vegan, gluten free birthday cake, surprisingly good. Lovely time. Even drank champagne.

The ocean, the ocean. And the lighthouses at the mouth of the Columbia. The ocean puts everything in perspective.


Ms. Moon said...

It sounds perfect and who wouldn't want to be in the original cabin rather than in a condo? Oh my god. Yes!
Have so much fun! I need the ocean too. I'll get there. Soon.
Love, love, love!

Radish King said...

Oh yes it does. Love this. Enjoy. Say hello for me.