Wednesday, March 25, 2015

40 years ago tomorrow this beautiful woman was born. In our bedroom after a 2 1/2 hour labor. Eden sweetheart. I can't be with you on your birthday because of mommas waiting here to give birth. I  know you understand. I love you more than I can ever say. We'll travel together this summer to the motherland. Know that I celebrate your birth today, tomorrow and forever. XXXX Mom

In other news:

Look what I found in my soon to be completed bathroom when I came home from work, with heavenly light shining on it. I could hear the angels singing.

It even flushes. 

In other news, Rebecca is home from the hospital. Casey in the Sudan has fallen very ill. Illness, the great leveler.

May we all be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. 
May we be warm and safe and loved.
May we be held in compassion.
May we and all beings in all the directions be free.


A said...

Amen; and congratulations on the toilet; and your daughter is beautiful. Wow, what a fast labor!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter and happy birthing day to you. And congrats on the new toilet! It's radiant!

Ms. Moon said...

I've always thought that as a rule, midwives had long hard labors themselves. Obviously- not always true. Although I know that very short labors can be powerfully intense.
What a beautiful daughter!
I am so glad to hear about Rebecca. Who is Casey? I don't think I know her but I am sorry she is ill. So much suffering in this life.
At least you can pee in a toilet now. Now to mention poop.

Jo said...

I echo your prayer.

And your daughter is incredibly beautiful.

And your toilet is shining celestially.