Saturday, March 07, 2015

Did a face plant yesterday while on a break from my dance retreat. Bonked my knee and whacked my right hand, the middle finger swelling up just lovely. It's now taped to my index finger for stability, don't think I broke it but it's a pretty shade of purple and yellow.  Clinic on Monday will be interesting, right?

Sheesh. Not to mention various aches and pains from hitting the deck, or in this case, the sidewalk. This is when my children start talking about the retirement home.  Nu-uh, not going there, not yet.

Managed to make peanut butter cookies for a fellow dancer who has a recurrence of breast cancer, now metastasized. Shit. I talked with her today and offered my support. She has choices to make about treatments and meds and so forth. Saw another friend who was heading off to the annual Pisces party (too tired to go and dancing again tomorrow) and she's about to be 79. I noticed a hearing aid in her ear and wondered about her white even teeth.


My finger hurts if I move it the wrong way.


Elizabeth said...

It's weird how much the smallest parts of our body can hurt when injured -- fingers, toes, etc. I hope yours heals quickly. Falling as an adult is just horrific -- who knew?

Ms. Moon said...

Talked to a friend in Ohio yesterday who fell on ice and whacked the hell out of her shoulder and ribs.
Gravity. Eventually it gets us all.
Ice, ice baby.

Sabine said...

Ouch. But bear in mind that this is where an x-ray could come in handy.

Just saying.

Hope all or at least almost all will be well agian and painless soon.