Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finger not broken but still effed up. Have one of those finger holder thingys that you tape on. Makes washing dishes/walking the dawg, driving, swimming, etc. difficult. It really is swollen.


They x-rayed it. So beautiful to see the bones in my hand. With minor degenerative changes. Yup. Sprained it.

Feeling old and achey and tired. Banged up. Time for a massage.

There is a wee magnolia tree planted in my front yard.

The dogwood, coral bark maple and styrax await planting, along with hostas and hydrangeas and ferns and a crab apple.

I love the plant world. The world of plants. Even the weeds. So dependable.


Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about your hand. Start taking CBD. I'm reading about its effects on arthritis -- anti-inflammatory.

I love the photo of the leaves on the grass. So beautiful.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh to live in a place where you can just start taking CBD without breaking the law! I think Elizabeth might have a very good idea.
Sometimes, as you know, soft tissue injury can be more trouble than a bone break.
Yesterday I put a pot-bound bird's nest fern in a bigger pot and as I walked away, I could almost hear it sigh with relief, stretching out its roots.
I could not live in a place where I did not have plants to tend, both those in the real dirt and in pots. They are part of my life and a very good part.

Sabine said...

Hope the swelling will go soon. Get yourself some dishwasher fairies in?

Fingers hurt so much more I find.

Sabine said...

Oh and medicinal frankinsense oil has been shown to be a potent anti inflammatory for all types of arthritic and rheumatoid joint inflammations. Just in case you cannot get hold of CBC.

beth coyote said...

Thanks ladies-

On the couch with ice and ibuprofen.