Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We had a beautiful birth yesterday and as we were leaving the building, we ran into another client who admits to struggles with an enormous sweet tooth. She told us she dreams about giant bowls of whipped cream. Giant bowls of creamy goodness. We reminded her she could go indulge and grow a nice belly and a massive butt. She prefers to dream about swimming through frothy sweet dairy products with her mouth open rather than the alternative.

We all want our mommas when we're pregnant, hence the sweet creamy dessert situation. Even if our mothers were kinda crappy.

I wanted tapioca pudding when I was pregnant. And occasionally I made some. And ate the entire bowl in one sitting.

Today I stood on the roof of my house with a nice man named Rob, Jim's cohort and design person. He showed me the awesome view of the lake and the mountains and the trees. But permits and more $$ and so forth. Maybe he'll build me a loft bed in the back so I can sleep in the stars. As long as I don't break my neck getting up and down. When I'm too geriatric, I'll use the space for storage. And if Milo comes to visit, he can sleep high in the rafters.

Rob is an idea man, a dream big man. It's really gonna start around here. Hot diggety dog.


Ms. Moon said...

Tapioca pudding. My god how I used to love that stuff. I probably still would. And rice pudding. And egg custard.
No, I was not successfully breastfed. And no, I cannot stand the taste of regular milk.
I want you to be able to see the stars from where you sleep, whatever that means.
Love you, dear Beth. So much.

beth coyote said...


Sabine said...

Oh, what a gorgeous place for a bed!!!!

I must have been the outlier, never went for the sweet stuff but made and ate great big pots of potatoe soup with handfuls of chopped parsley daily, some days twice. And that awful brown Norwegian cheese made from boiled whey. Don't ask, no idea where I got it.

Lisa said...

That's the good thing about constant hypokalemia. During my pregnancies I wanted things like watermelon, peanut butter and bananas and yogurt. My doctors usually said indulge.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-that cheese sound disgusting but I ate yak cheese when I was in Nepal. Don't knock it til you've tried it, right?

Lisa-I was a vegetarian and I wanted steak!!! Probably anemic.