Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lighthouses and Lewis and Clark

We climbed to the top of this:

We watched surfers and seals and long lines of pelicans and we talked to the nice Coast Guard person who was inside this:

The Long Beach peninsula is miraculous. We hiked all over. We read books. We listened to music.

As for Lewis and Clark. They were only successful because the people who were already here ie the Natives, fed them and sheltered them and showed them how to get their sorry asses across raging bodies of water. The hubris. Clark brought his slave, York, the first Black man to cross the continent. 

White guys, always taking all the credit. 

The katz think the entire house belongs to them. And they can leave clumps of hair and barf wherever they please. Dried barf is especially lovely when you've been gone a few days. 


Ms. Moon said...

And he did not free his slave but put him back in the fields.
I think about these things every time Lewis and Clark come up.

Katz. Maurice has been here...what? A month and a half? Two months? And the house and the yard are now hers. Entirely. She allows certain others to share her space but we all must abide by her rules.
And we do.

Lisa said...

Exactly why I refused to take in my sister's cat. The cat was probably greatly relieved because she didn't like me either.