Sunday, June 01, 2014

I'm sorry but Angelina Jolie can't act. Even with pointy cheekbones, glittery eyes and giant wings. I wouldn't mind a pair of giant wings. And the ability to conjure up dragons and thorny hedges and fire. Still. I went to the new movie and ate popcorn and red vines and put my feet on the bar in front of me. There were a lot of kids and their parents.

Angelina looked good. Really, she did. Just not fierce.

Felix and I hiked Tiger yesterday and we went farther than ever. I think I was almost to the top of a little used trail when I turned around. And staggered back to the car. Who cares about a view when you might have to crawl all four miles back. In the dark. And bears and cougars are watching, contemplating eating you and your dog and scattering your bones so you're never found but become a true life mystery on the mystery channel. She disappeared without a trace and there would be speculation for years.

Next time.

It was, as usual, gorgeous. The forest never has a bad day. Streams, light shafting through the trees, a few old grown Doug firs among the second growth cedars. Ferns and the remnants of trillium. I wish I were back there now.

Today I'm still in my jammies. Felix wants a walk and I have to go get the NYT before it's gone.

The end.


Ms. Moon said...

I've never thought Angelina could act either. I think it's just that her presence is so mesmerizing. Or is that just me? It must be something.
The forest never has a bad day.
True and lovely.
I am glad you and Felix made it home.

Radish King said...

I think she is sheer gorgeous. Sometimes that's enough. For me.

*See my permanent shallow nature

I liked her better when she was married to Billy Bob and drank his blood and stuff.

*see above


The forest never has a bad day.

Oh darling Poet, truer words were never written.


Mel said...

First, Angelina is just not believable as anyone but herself, because she is mesmerizing. And I'd sit through that movie just to see her wings.

Oh the lush green forest, the slants of light, the spooky true words and worries. All kinds of things could happen in the woods, but oh, the view....

You should grab a hiking buddy next time. I'd go. My stupid but faithful dog would love it too.


Elizabeth said...

I think AJ was good in that movie "Girl,Interrupted," but I was less discerning when I was younger, too. She has an awfully large head on a very tiny body which distracts me. Popcorn and vines are my choice at the movies, too.

Betsy said...

Yes to all of that EXCEPT FOR REDVINES. And yes to what Mel said, grab a hiking buddy (that would be ME) next time.